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Hat Creek Ranger District is Looking for Volunteers

FALL RIVER MILLS, Calif., April 18, 2017-If you enjoy working with the public and care about our country’s natural resources, the Forest Service needs your time and talents. In this age of shrinking budgets and workforce, it is increasingly challenging to provide the service and time needed for the ...

Rubicon River Bridge Work Project Scheduled

  Eldorado County will be restricting travel across the Rubicon River Bridge at Rubicon Springs on August 20th starting at 10:00AM for the purpose of re-building the bridge deck and approaches.  The bridge will re-open on August 21st as soon as the work is done.  Rubicon Springs bridge repair proj...

Your club as a business

So, you and a few wheeling buddies decide to create a name and a club is born. Starting a club is easy. Survival of the club is hard. What starts with shared values and vision does change over time. Your desire for the camaraderie and social life of a club needs to be tempered with the reality t...

Notes on the New Entrance to Spring Valley

A trail note from the Friends of the High Lakes and the Forest Service... A new trail entrance into Spring Valley Lake from the ‘T’ has been established. The new trail successfully addresses the issue of passing through private land, as it meanders through scenic public land northwest of Spring Val...
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