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Cal4Wheel NRC South Report - Feb 2019

This report was presented during the General Assembly of the Cal4Wheel Convention in Rancho Cucamonga in February. This year marks 16 years of representing Cal4Wheel dealing with issues that impact OHV recreation.  Those issues can be categorized as: Wilderness, wildlife, water, air, and energy and...

NRC South Report for December 2018

Bi-State Sage Grouse - Recreational organizations have filed a lawsuit challenging restrictions on permits for motorcycle and other vehicle events within the range of the Bi State sage grouse. The grouse is a "distinct population segment" within the larger range of the Greater sage grouse, an iconic...

NRC Board Report - August 2018

NRC Board Report - August 2018The summer fire season has (and continues) to devastate many acres of public lands favored by OHV recreation.  To date, AMA District 36 has been forced to cancel 5 fundraising events due to fire damaged trails and areas.  The Mendocino Complex fire devastated OHV ares i...

NRC South Report for June 2018

Summer wheeling season is well underway as is the summer fire season.  Reports across the western states show a number of fires burning and state and federal land management agencies are taking steps to reduce the risk of fire with access restrictions.  For starters, agencies are restricting target ...

Cal4Wheel NRC South Report Available

My current NRC South report as presented to the Cal4Wheel Board of Directors is available for download from the link below.    ...

December 2016 Cal4Wheel NRC Report Available

The December 2016 NRC South Report for Cal4Wheel is available for download as an attached document. Highlight included in the report are listed below.... California Department of Fish and Game Commission: (Flat-tailed horned lizard) Big news of the month is the Fish and Game Commission declined t...

Cal4Wheel NRC South report for October 2016

The Cal4Wheel NRC South report for October 2016 is available for download.......

August Cal4Wheel NRC Report

The August Cal4Wheel NRC Report is available for download at link below....
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