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Sierra Cascade Dialog Scheduled

“Still Standing: Wildland Fire and Resilience” Dear Sierra Cascades Dialog Participants, We invite you to attend the Sierra Cascades Dialog 11th Session – “Still Standing: Wildland Fire and Resilience” on December 12, 2013! Registration will open soon for the Sacramento location.  If you are near Bi...

Social, Cultural, and Economic Conditions in the Sierra Nevada Bio-Region Webinar

Live Webinar -- March 19th, 2013, 10-11am --  Dial In specifics are TBD and will be sent out soon The Regional Planning Team Social Scientist, Sonja Lin, and Economist, Mark Metcalfe, from the Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region will host a webinar on social, cultural, and economic conditions in...

Registration for January 24/25 Sierra Cascades Dialog

Please join the eighth in a series of Dialogs to discuss a range of critical issues that affect the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades and people who live, work, and recreate there. During the Jan. 24th Science Synthesis session, scientists will present the work developed over 2012 to address a number ...

Sierra Cascade Dialog Session Rescheduled

The Sierra Cascades Dialog Steering Committee has decided to postpone the December 13th dialog session on the Bioregional Assessment.  A two-day session will be held instead on January 24th and 25th. Two days have been set aside to focus on two important topics: the Science Synthesis on January 24th...
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