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California Mojave RIT Spring 2016 Meeting

Meeting Goals and Objectives: • Review RIT process and interconnection with the Management Oversight Group • Identify, refine, develop recovery project concepts • Learn how to upload projects into the Recovery Action Tracking Tool • Nominate representatives to fill gaps in RIT rosters   When: ...

Results of California Mojave RIT workgroup prioritizations: For your review

Greetings California Mojave RIT members.Attached are the results of your work at the December 4-5 in-person RIT meeting in Barstow: 1. Prioritized actions for your workgroup areas; 2. Important topics for research or effectiveness monitoring; and 3. Blank dissent form which you may fill out for any ...

Travel Logistics for California Mojave RIT Meeting

Greetings California Mojave RIT members.  Below is the information you will need for making your travel arrangements for your first in-person RIT meeting. Meeting Dates:        December 4-5, 2012 Meeting Times:        Meeting begins PROMPTLY at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 4, so please be read...

Recovery Action Proposal Spreadsheets for California Mojave RIT Review

Greetings California Mojave RIT members. Attached are spreadsheets documenting all proposed recovery actions submitted for the California Mojave RIT. These are the actions that each workgroup will be prioritizing at your December 4-5 in-person meeting in Barstow, as part of developing your RIT's Re...
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