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Forest Plan Revision February 2018 Update: Inyo National Forest

Throughout 2017, the USDA Forest Service shared updates on our progress. For example, the Inyo National Forest updated direction for managing recreation and aquatic habitats, revised the list of rivers eligible for wild and scenic river designation, previewed proposed changes to the Regional Foreste...

Fire Restrictions Lifted

The Inyo National Forest announces that fire restrictions put into place for the forest earlier this summer will be rescinded on Wednesday, September 27. Recent rain and snow, combined with increased humidity, shorter days, and cooler night time temperatures have prompted the forest to lift the fir...

Inyo NF Fire Restrictions are in Effect

Fire restrictions are in effect for Inyo National Forest and Bishop Field Office and will remain in effect until the end of 2017 fire season. As of August 26, fire restrictions will include all areas of the Inyo National Forest. Forest Order with Exhibits Campfires are allowed in steel fire pits p...

It’s time for a Preview! 

Inyo National Forest shares plan direction for Sustainable Recreation and Aquatic-Riparian Resources The Inyo National Forest is finalizing its environmental impact statement and forest plan. To celebrate our progress, and prepare you for when we release the final documents this fall, we’re offerin...

Inyo NF and County Roads Closed due to Flooding

Road Closures due to Flooding Runoff from the historic snowpack in the Sierra has closed several Inyo County roads. Residents and visitors are reminded that some roads are equipped with gates that physically block vehicle access; other roads rely on signage to inform the public. A road closure is me...

Inyo National Forest Opens Lakes Basin Road

The Inyo National Forest announces that the Lakes Basin Road will open for the 2017 season tomorrow, June 21. While the road has been plowed, employees have continued with routine road maintenance such as filling pot holes and clearing culverts. They are still widening and opening parking lots cove...

Mammoth Stamp Mill Site to be Temporarily Closed

Elevated levels of mercury, lead, and arsenic found  The Inyo National Forest is closing the Mammoth Stamp Mill Site due to elevated levels of metals that were determined to pose a risk to human health and the environment. Antimony, arsenic, lead, and mercury were identified as the primary chemical...

Be Bear Aware

While hibernating, bears enter a state of reduced body temperature, pulse rate, and respiration that conserves energy, but their "sleep" is not a deep one. Black bears leave the den periodically and continue to try to find food through winter. WATCH FOR BEAR CROSSING ROADS!! Bear are out and searc...
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