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CA4WDC Facebook: I am now posting my Twitter feed direct to the Cal4 Facebook page. While they are marked as Cal4, I am originating content for the page under byline of MUIRNet-News, 4x4Voice, and 4x4Wire.

Critical Habitat for Yellow-legged Frog and Yosemite Toad: Comments have been submitted on behalf of the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC) concerning the actions proposed by the critical habitat areas for the Sierra Nevada Mountain Yellow Legged Frog; the Distinct Population Segment (DPS) of the Mountain Yellow Legged Frog and the Yosemite Toad.

This proposed critical habitat includes 9 national forests and 14 counties within the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

A copy of the comments is available from

On June 19, I attended a meeting in Prather billed as "Stop the Land Grab" hosted by the Fresno County Sheriff and a group called Defend Rural America.  While there were several topics on the agenda, the main item was the pending EIS dealing with the yellow-legged frog and Yosemite Toad.

The DRA spokesperson presented a fair assessment of the issue.  The DRA organization appears to focus on citizen rights (as opposed to private property rights).  Their organization efforts are focused on counties through getting counties involved with managing the public lands. I am on the mailing list for DRA organization and will continue to review what they distribute.

Ocotillo Wells SVRA Lawsuit:
A lawsuit has been filed that poses a great threat to Ocotillo Wells SVRA.  State Parks (OHMVR Division) have committed to fighting the lawsuit.  The suit was in May and official notice was served to the OHMVR Division on June 14.  The Division has 30 days to file a response.  After the initial response, others can file as intervenors.  At this time, recreation interests are organizing to join n the lawsuit.

OHMVR Grants Program: The OHMVR Grants Program has been revised upward - from $10 million to $31 million.  Working through our lobbyist and countless hours of meetings, phone calls, and emails with administration officials and legislators, we have received an increase in the grants program.  This is an important development as the extra funding will qualify more grants and help preserve the state OHMVR Program. - See more at:

Forest Service: San Bernardino, Sequoia, and Inyo National Forests have moved forward with fire restrictions prohibiting campfires and most open flames effective June 28.  Other National Forests in California are considering similar actions.  Similar fire/open flame restrictions are also in effect in National Forests in Arizona.

Eldorado NF:
The final Record of Decision on the 42 Eldorado route status has been released - 24 designated immediately; 18 closed pending mitigation. All routes will remain closed pending appeal resolution (45 day appeal period with an additional 45 days estimated to resolve appeals).  

Forest Plan Revision: The Bio-Regional Assessment covering the 9 national forests within the Sierra Nevada Mountain range has been released for comment.  In addition, Inyo and Sequoia NFs have released “topic papers” concerning their forest-specific assessment.

These assessments are important because they soliciting information from people the frequent the forests to provide information about how they use the forest and what do they value about the forest or their visits to the forest.

The information collected will serve as the basis for developing the follow-on scoping documents and draft Environmental Impact Statement; aka, Land and Resource Management Plan. The scoping portion of the NEPA public involvement is expected to begin in January 2014.

Sierra NF: I attended a meeting with Sierra NF concerning their process to begin Travel Management Sub-Prat A review.  According to Sierra NF officials, the Sub-Part A review will focus on roads NOT reviewed under previous Travel Management actions.

It is important to realize that through this process, the status of some roads could be recommended for increased, decreased, or closed after further site-specific review.  All national forests will be going through a similar process in the coming months.

Get Involved: An OHV recreationist from Colorado posted a though provoking opinion post on his BLOG - with the title of “Give Me Your OHV Keys”.  It is an interesting read that scolds the average OHVer for not being involved to save their sport.

This comes at an appropriate time as July 1 is the official beginning of the next election cycle.  The TrailPAC (one of two political action committees in the nation) is reviewing races and candidates to support.

In the coming months, I will be working with Don Amador (The TrailPAC) to review candidates and provide voter recommendations.

Final Note: I recently encountered an abnormal situation concerning some ammunition. The moral is: Inspect your ammo; whether factory load or reload. I had finished loading an ammo clip and was storing it in a pouch when I noticed a strange mark on the top cartridge.  A section of the rim of the shell casing was folded under.  There are no marks in the bullet.  There is no possible way inserting the cartridge into the ammo clip would have caused that deformity.

The bullet is a 9mm Luger with the R-P head stamp indicating point of manufacture from Remington-Peters.  What is unfortunate, I do not know when or where this particular lot of ammo was purchased.  I do know that I have not purchased Remington-Peters ammo within the past 5 years.

After noting that defect, I did inspect my ammo stock looking for more R-P head stamp markings and for any sign of cartridge deformity.  That cartridge was one of four remaining live rounds with the R-P head stamp.

While case inspection is necessary prior to reloading a case and final inspection of the finished cartridge is necessary after reloading, it is a good idea to do a quick visual check of all your ammo prior to use.

It is likely this round would not have fed into the chamber and possibly jammed the semi-auto slide creating a potential hazard condition.

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