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  • Components of a Forest Plan
  • Objections
  • NEPA Explained
  • NEPA – Categorical Exclusion (CatX)

Forest Planning Process - Components of a Forest Plan

Under National Forest Management Act (NFMA) regulations and directives, each forest plan (or planning project) will consist of five components:

1. Describe desired conditions of the Forest,
2. Set measurable objectives to achieve those conditions,
3. Determine the general suitability of lands

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Forest Planning Process - STEP FOUR: Objections

WHAT IT IS: The 2005 Forest Service planning regulations do not provide citizens an opportunity for administrative appeal of a final forest plan. Instead, citizens can file an "objection" to a plan before a final decision is made. The objection is submitted to the

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NEPA Explained

Keeping trails and areas depends on access. Keeping that access depends on land management policies and procedures, which depend on environmental issues and concerns. Those environmental issues and concerns are reviewed through NEPA.

So, what is “NEPA”? NEPA, the National Environmental Policy Act, became law on January 1,

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NEPA – Categorical Exclusion (CatX)

The term "NEPA" stands for National Environmental Policy Act and assures that federal agencies will consider the impact of an action on the human environment before decisions are made and the action is taken. NEPA establishes a specific documentation process requiring the agency to disclose the

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