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August 7, 2016

RBOC is urging boaters to contact the California Department of Parks and Recreation [State Parks] and urge it to ensure that implementation of a Transformation Team’s recommendations do not diminish the leadership, transparency and accountability of the Division of Boating and Waterways [DBW]. 

It is critical that State Parks hear directly from boaters. The state’s 4 million recreational boating enthusiasts, the tens of millions of fuel tax and registration fee dollars we pay to the state each year, and the several billion dollar impact the boating community has in the state’s economy, deserve a policy leader with the stature and authority of the current Deputy Director, managing a division with effective and efficient programs and services that provide value to the recreational boating public.  This structure, with authority, accountability and transparency, is critical.

  1. Email - To send an email directly to State Parks: click here.  Please take action as soon as possible, and not later than September 1.
  2. Attend - To state your position in-person, attend the open house that State Parks will be holding in Sacramento.  

    Monday, August 15, from 6 to 9 pm, at the Resources Building Auditorium, 1416 Ninth Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. 

Parks Director Lisa Mangat will be talking about Parks transformation and organizational structure, especially as it relates to Boating and Waterways.  DBW is  inviting boaters to come listen, ask questions, and share our thoughts.

More on this Issue

One of the recommendations of a State Parks Transformation Team is to “fully integrate” the services of the Department of Boating and Waterways into the Department of Parks and Recreation.

This is set forth within this document: click here

An excerpt from the recommendation document:

The Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Program was established as a division in 1982. More recently, in 2012, the Department of Boating and Waterways was merged with the department. The current organizational structure separates these important recreation services from the rest of the services provided by the department. Visitors would be better served by fully integrating these services into the rest of the department.

For the State Parks Transformation Team page: click here

For the FAQ portion of the site: click here

Excerpts from the FAQs:

Is the Transformation Team proposing to eliminate the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division or the Division of Boating and Waterways?

No. The Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division (OHMVR) and Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) are both leaders in recreation. The goal of the Organizational Structure Opportunities Project is to enhance and strengthen the services State Parks provides to the public.

Is the Transformation Team proposing to eliminate any of the services from OHMVR and/or DBW?

No. The goal of the project is to better support all of the programs and services provided by State Parks.

Would the special funds from OHV and DBW be intermixed with non-special funds?

No. State Parks has and will continue to separate special funds from other funds utilized by the department.

Is State Parks proposing a new organization model in order to gain access to the special funds from OHV and DBW?

No. State Parks has and will continue to separate special funds from other funds utilized by the department.

Will staff from be laid off when this organizational structure happens?

The new structure may result in shifts in how personnel will be organized, however no staff will be laid off through this process.

More About DBW

DBW provides a number of programs and services for the boating community - with no state general fund dollars. These include:

  • Abandoned Watercraft Abatement Grant Program
  • Aquatic Center Grant Program
  • Aquatic Pest Control Program
  • Boating Clean and Green Campaign
  • Beach Restoration and Erosion Control Program
  • Boat Launching Facility Grant Program
  • Boating Accident Program
  • Boating Law Enforcement Grant Program
  • Boating Law Enforcement Training Program
  • Boating Trails Program
  • Capital Outlay Program
  • Clean Marina Program
  • Facilities Division
  • For-Hire Licensing Program
  • National Boating Infrastructure Grant Program
  • Small Craft Harbor Loan Program
  • Vessel Pumpout Program
  • Yacht and Ship Broker Licensing Program
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