Friday, 16 November 2012
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Dear Trail Voter,

TPAC wants to make sure that trail voters realize there will be many challenges that we face over the next 2-4 years.   Anti-OHV groups and their advocates in federal agencies most certainly feel emboldened by the election results on November 6. They will use the ESA to try and list more threatened and endangered species such as the Coral Pink Sand Dunes Tiger Beetle in UT. Federal regulators at the EPA and other agencies will try and push new regulations that impact OHV recreation and related businesses.   Land management agencies on many units will propose to further restrict historic motorized access to public lands.

However, there will be some legislative opportunities for pro-access interests.   In 2005-2006, Congressman Richard Pombo (R) worked with Congressman Mike Thompson (D) on a comprehensive land-use bill - H.R. 233, the Northern California Coastal Wild Heritage Act. That bill had some very cutting edge pro-OHV provisions. It helped a local cottage fishing industry, too. But it also had a Wilderness component.

The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has a rule that any land-use bills (pro-OHV, pro-local economy, etc.) must contain some Wilderness for it to move through that legislative body. TPAC believes bipartisan legislation such as H.R. 233 has a good chance of becoming law. One current bill that fits that mold is H.R. 6286, the Clear Creek National Recreation Area, introduced by Congressman Sam Farr (D) earlier this year. NV also has legislation that is similar.

In the run-up to the 2014 midterm election, TPAC will be reviewing votes and other actions taken in the House and Senate that impact OHV recreation.   There are 20 Democrat and 13 Republican senate seats in play in 2014.

In the coming months, TPAC will work on our pro-trail and pro-regulatory reform strategy for the next election.   With your ongoing support, we will continue to grow our political strength to challenge the closure agenda of extreme green groups and their PACs via the electoral process.

TPAC will also need baseline support during the interim to help pay for website upgrades and meeting ongoing FEC compliance requirements.


Thanks again for your support!

Don Amador, Founder
The Trail PAC

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