Friday, 14 June 2019
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The Sierra National Forest (SNF) has committed to the motorized recreation community to examine routes, not previously analyzed and decided on, for potential addition to the Forest Service System of roads, OHV areas, and motorized trails. Previous environmental analysis were not able to include all OHV roads, trails, and areas. After two public meetings in 2018, and numerous comments received over the years, the Motorized Recreation Project (Project) incorporates some of those maintenance level 1 roads, motorized trails, and areas outside of designated Wilderness that meet the following criteria:
1.Enhance recreation opportunity by creating loop opportunity and/or connect to motorized trails, roads, and areas/destinations.
2.Route is not a duplication (parallel trail/road that goes to same location or overlap with trails/road that already exists).
3.Records/data already exist for the route or area (previously identified in the Forest Service database).
4.Not previously closed due to known resource concerns (e.g., critical habitat, meadow) and other NEPA decisions.
5.Areas or route already exists on MVUM.
6.Areas are large enough in size to be used for motor vehicle riding within perimeter and/or for parking/staging vehicles to go ride outside the perimeter in areas where roads are legal for green-sticker use.
7.Areas and routes located in highly used OHV geographic areas are priority.
8.Assists in avoiding user conflict.

At this point, Sierra NF is asking for information about routes within the proposed project area.

If you have information as to how a route is used, send it as a comment.  List the route number/name, reason it is important (adopt-a-trail or event use), identify what you or your club have done to maintain the trail.

The FS is proposing to change classification level of some routes from ML1 to “trail”.  This is significant as “trail” designation means that future use of the “trail” will be limited to hiking or vehicles less than 50 inches in width.

A detailed description of the need for the Project and the proposed action is available on the Using information gathered during this scoping period, an interdisciplinary team will develop and analyze viable alternatives to the proposed action. You will have an additional opportunity to comment as the Project is developed.

My comments on behalf of Cal4Wheeel are attached.

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