Wednesday, 11 July 2018
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Summer wheeling season is well underway as is the summer fire season.  Reports across the western states show a number of fires burning and state and federal land management agencies are taking steps to reduce the risk of fire with access restrictions.  For starters, agencies are restricting target shooting and the use of fireworks on public lands.  Many have added campfire restrictions to the list.  In short, before you head for your favorite trails this summer, check with the local land management office to see what restrictions apply. 

BLM: Comments have been submitted on the Draft Land Use Plan Amendment (LUPA) and Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) for the West Mojave Route Network Project (WMRNP) within the West Mojave (WEMO) Planning Area of the California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA). 

Overall, the WMRNP planning area covers approximately 9.3 million acres in the western portion of the Mojave Desert in southern California. The WMRNP region is covered by a Draft  Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, which is a Resource Management Plan Amendment to the 1980 California Desert Conservation Area Plan, and as amended by the 2006 West Mojave Plan, and the 2016 Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan.

National Park Service: Comments were submitted on behalf of the California 4 Wheel Drive Association (Cal4Wheel) and its membership directed to the Saline Valley Warm Springs Draft Management Plan and EIS.

The Management Plan/EIS has Alternatives in regard to the proposed NPS management of Saline Valley. Alternative 5 is considered by NPS to be the “preferred alternative”. Cal4Wheel believes many of the proposed issues in Alternative 5 would have an adverse impact to the unique recreational, social, ethnic-historic and cultural experience of Saline Valley. Cal4Wheel seeks to preserve the unusual degree of magic, freedom and ownership people feel when visiting Saline Valley.

Read more in the attached report...

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