Wednesday, 14 December 2016
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Los Padres National Forest officials today announced seasonal road closures on the Santa Lucia Ranger District in preparation for inclement weather. On December 13 the following campgrounds, roads and OHV trail systems will close to protect public safety and road conditions. Closures will remain in effect throughout the period of wet weather and until crews are able to safely assess the surface conditions.


* Pozo  Area: Hi Mountain, Friis Camp

* Rockfront Area: Bucks Springs, Baja, Paradise

* Colson/La Brea Area: Miranda Pines, Horseshoe, Brookshire, Colson

* Figueroa Area: Pino Alto Picnic Area, Cumbre Picnic Area, Figueroa lookout day use


* La Brea/Colson area at the Forest boundary (Forest Road 11N04.4)

* Sierra Madre Road at intersection with Highway 166 (Forest Road 32S13.1)

* Bates Canyon past Bates Canyon Campground (Forest Road 11N01.3)

* Figueroa Mountain area: Lookout (Forest Road 8N16), East Pinery (Forest Road 8N32) and Zaca Ridge Road (Forest Road 8N02)

* Rockfront Area at Forest Road 30S02

* Forest Service coordinates closure of Hi Mountain Road with San Luis Obispo County (30S05).  Gates are at Pozo Fire Station and the Forest boundary on the Arroyo-Grande side 


* Pozo OHV Area: gates at Forest Roads  29S02, 30S11, 30S05  and OHV Trails 16E21, and 16E22,15E07, 16E24,15E05,16E08,16E09, 16E23,15E11, 18E05,16E02, 16E04

* Figueroa Area: Catway OHV 29W02

Members of the public are reminded that they should always call ahead to the district office for the latest conditions and consult the National Weather Service for current weather forecasts. For more information, call the Santa Lucia District Office at (805) 925-9538 X 0.   

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